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A Fistful of Hops

The craft beer story du jour is about how America’s insatiable love of IPAs and the craft brewers who brew them is driving up the price of hops. Now, I have no issue with the idea that craft is changing the …Read More


Craft Continues its Ascent, But A Few Clouds Form on the Horizon

Craft Brew News (and Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS) editor Benj Steinman takes a deep dive into the shifting competitive dynamics of the craft scene, analyzing its many ongoing successes as well as the emerging pressure points. Those include a growing number …Read More


On-Premise Craft Data

GuestMetrics provides on-premise data to view craft beer sales trends across the country. Read More


Surviving the Bubble: Analytics for Strategic Decisions

This seminar is all about numbers. The first half of the seminar focuses on analyzing and presenting the latest industry data, shaping a forecast for the future of the craft segment. Since forecasts are always wrong, Matt dives into strategic …Read More


Entering Craft’s Golden Era? Considerations with the Next Wave Coming

Craft Brew News (and Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS) editor Benj Steinman will explore the developing craft scene. This will include everything from the next wave of tiny craft breweries to the big brewers and importers getting more crafty, to the potential for considerably more …Read More

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Industry Review Issue

For the May/June 2014 The New Brewer, we present our Industry Review issue. For this issue, we take a look at how each segment of the brewing industry—brewpubs, microbreweries, regional breweries, and large breweries/imports—fared during 2013. Read More

This issue is brought to you by ABE Beverage Equipment

The Great Catch Up

In part two of my focus on the states series I want to look at state growth. Although the national story of 18% production volume growth is an interesting one, there are plenty of exciting sub-stories at the state level.Read More

Dr. StateLaws: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Self-Distribution

As we near the publication of the 2013 craft brewer data set, I’ve been thinking a lot about the states. In the medium/long run, the most important stories about craft brewing are state stories. How high is the peak in …Read More

Industry Diffusion: How the Smallest Craft Breweries are Driving Growth

The release of the top-50 brewing companies this week is wonderful reason to toast the success of regional craft brewing companies. That said, in many ways, the release of the top-50 may be less essential to the craft brewing movement than it once was.Read More

Displaying results 251-260 of 292