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A political action committee (PAC) is a transparent, legal, and federally monitored way for trade associations like the Brewers Association to pool campaign contributions from members and donate funds that support candidates for federal office who champion the interests of small and independent brewers.

Formed in 2019, the Brewers Association PAC supports candidates for federal office, regardless of political affiliation, who understand and champion small and independent breweries. Special consideration will be given to candidates and elected officials who take steps to educate themselves by meeting with brewers and visiting breweries, and who support the diversity of interests of our members and the greater beer and brewing community.  The Brewers Association PAC will also work to support members of the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the House and Senate Small Brewers Caucuses.

The Brewers Association PAC is a federal political action committee required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Under federal election law, the Brewers Association PAC can only accept personal contributions from individual employees of BA member companies. The Brewers Association PAC does not accept corporate funds.

To support or learn more about the Brewers Association PAC, please click below to access the Brewers Association PAC website.

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Political Action Committee Members

Robert Burns

Night Shift Brewing, INC

Everett, Mass.

Dan Kleban

Maine Beer Company

Freeport, Maine

Ryan Krill

Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May, N.J.

Jose Mallea

Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.

Doral, Fla.

Garrett Marrero

Maui Brewing Co.

Kihei, Hawaii

Sara Nelson

Fremont Brewing

Seattle, Wash.

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Brewers Association Staff:

Katie Marisic


Bob Pease