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Packed with brewing techniques, business and marketing issues and operations information, The New Brewer is a trusted and often referenced guide to success in the brewing industry. Brewery owners, brewers, marketing directors, operations managers and other industry professionals turn to The New Brewer for the advice and knowledge they need to succeed, and they’ll turn to your business when they see your advertisement on the pages of this valuable resource.

The New Brewer reports trends, technical information, news from the federal, court and state levels of industry regulation, new products available in the brewing world, recent sales data and statistics for the craft beer industry, an up-to-date supplier list, events and beer happenings and much, much more!

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Countries Delivered

2023 Editorial Calendar and Advertising Deadlines

Issue Editorial Focus Space Close Artwork Due Mail Date
January/February Beer & Beyond November 22, 2022 December 2, 2022 Mid-January
March/April Business Agility + CBC Preview/Nashville January 27 February 3 Mid-March
May/June 2022 Industry Review March 31 April 7 Mid-May
July/August Technical Brewing/Brewery Operations May 26 June 2 Mid-July
September/October Sales & Marketing July 28 August 4 Mid-September
November/December Raw Materials September 29 October 6 Mid-November

Pricing & Sizes

Trim Size Price
Back Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $3,200
Inside Back Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,800
Inside Front Cover (8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,800
Full Page (Bleed: 8.625″w x 11.125″h) $2,400
2/3 Page Vertical (4.9″w x 9.5″h) $1,700
1/2 Page Vertical (4.9″w x 7″h) $1,420
1/2 Page Horizontal (7.5″w x 4.68″h) $1,200
1/3 Page Vertical (2.33″w x 9.5″h) $980
1/3 Page Square (4.9″w x 4.68″h) $880
1/4 Page Horizontal (4.9″w x 3.375″h) $700
1/6 Page Vertical (2.33″w x 4.68″h) $600
Full-page Trim Size: 8.375″ w x 10.875″h; Live area: 7.25″ w x 10.375″ h

All advertising creative files to be submitted at 300dpi, CMYK format via email or digital upload.

Use these templates for an example of full-page trim sizing: PDF PSD

For metric sizing: Metric Sizing

Ad Size Templates

The New Brewer image

Stand-out Specialty Opportunities
Three-page Gatefold $8,600
Double (Six-page) Gatefold $16,000
Bound-in Full-page Ad Insert (with Perforated Edge) $5,850
Bound-in 7″w x 5″h Ad Insert (with Perforated Edge) $3,500

Book more than one advertisement and save!

The New Brewer Ad Sizes / Placements Single issue net rate 2-3 issue net rate (-5% discount) 4-5 issue net rate (-10% discount) 6 issue net rate (-15% discount)
Back Cover $3,200 $3,040 $2,880 $2,720
Inside Front Cover $2,800 $2,660 $2,520 $2,380
Inside Back Cover $2,800 $2,660 $2,520 $2,380
Full Page (with Bleed) $2,400 $2,280 $2,160 $2,040
2/3 Page Vertical $1,700 $1,615 $1,530 $1,445
1/2 Page Vertical $1,420 $1,349 $1,278 $1,207
1/2 Page Horizontal $1,200 $1,140 $1,080 $1,020
1/3 Page Vertical $980 $931 $882 $833
1/3 Page Square $880 $836 $792 $748
1/4 Page Horizontal $700 $665 $630 $595
1/6 Page Vertical $600 $570 $540 $510

Advertising Specs

Full Page

Bleed: 8.625″ w x 11.125″h

2/3 Page Vertical

4.9″w x 9.5″h

1/3 Page Vertical

2.33″w x 9.5″h

1/2 Page Horizontal

7.5″w x 4.68″h

1/3 Page Square

4.9″w x 4.68″h

1/4 Page Horizontal

4.9″w x 3.375″h

1/6 Page Vertical

2.33″w x 4.68″h

Artwork Delivery

  • If your file is under 5 MB, please send to
  • If over 5 MB, please upload the artwork to our FTP site, as well as send a confirmation by email that the artwork has been uploaded. Please compress your files before posting and name in the following convention: CompanyName_Issue_Date

The Brewers Association is a trade association representing America’s small and independent breweries. As such it is important for the BA to adhere to advertising standards and guidelines for its members.

The New Brewer Advertising Policy

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