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Why Brewery Independence Matters independnce feature

Why Brewery Independence Matters

Unless you have been on Mars for the last few days, in a cave, with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, you have probably heard that 10 Barrel Brewing Co. has been purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev. While …Read More

Know Thyself

On the Saturday Night Live skit “Coffee Talk,” one of Linda Richmond’s (Mike Myers) most famous discussion topics was the re-purposed Voltaire quip that “The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.” Like many things, the naming …Read More


Forecasting and Managing Seasonal Beers

Darts are an entertaining game but the dartboard is not the most effective tool for forecasting seasonal sales volumes. Learn some tools from brewers of different sizes. Read More


The Economics of Craft Beer Festivals

BA Staff Economist Bart Watson kicks off this seminar with an introduction to the recently published economic impact studies. Jeff Dense then dives into the heart of the seminar, exploring the political economy of craft beer festivals, with a focus …Read More

The Demographics of Craft Beer Lovers (Members Only) demographics main

The Demographics of Craft Beer Lovers (Members Only)

BA Economist Bart Watson elaborates on a presentation made at the GABF Media Luncheon. This members-only resource describes how demographics of craft beer consumers have evolved over the past 15 years.Read More

Closings Signal Competition, Not Problems

Craft brewery closings have been getting a bit more attention in the beer press recently. Although high visibility closings are worth noting, I think there are numerous reasons why the health of the craft brewing industry has never been better. One …Read More

The Rise of the Microbrewery Tap Room

A new brewery, Liquid Mechanics, opened up last month a few miles from my house. It doesn’t have a kitchen, though you can order food from local restaurants and there are food trucks most nights. It’s a great example of …Read More

Where the Craft Breweries Are

As the craft industry grows and changes – many of the most interesting questions revolve around geography. What regions lead the curve on craft? Which are catching up? Where should we expect more breweries to pop up? With this post, I …Read More

Displaying results 231-240 of 292