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Insights & Analysis

2020 Midyear Survey Shows Challenges for Craft Brewers

The Brewers Association midyear survey results suggest that brewer sentiment is improving even if the second half of the year doesn't bring growth.Read More

Insights & Analysis

2020 Midyear Craft Beer Trends

The first half of 2020 has been like no other for the craft brewing community. Here's a recap of the data we've gathered so far this year.Read More

Insights & Analysis

The Geography and Demographics of Small Brewers, Part 2

Bart Watson explores where craft breweries are located and how the demographics of those locations compare to their customers and the U.S. population.Read More

Insights & Analysis

The Geography and Demographics of Small Brewers, Part 1

In part one of this analysis, BA chief economist Bart Watson explores who craft brewery customers are and how they have evolved over recent years.Read More

Insights & Analysis

Breweries by Census Tract, June 10, 2020

Brewers Association Chief Economist Bart Watson has created a map of brewery facility counts by census tract from data pulled on June 10th, 2020. Read More

Insights & Analysis

Breweries Slightly More Optimistic, But Challenges Remain

The BA's third COVID-19 impact survey was targeted at probing what has helped and hurt breweries and how their outlook has changed over the past month.Read More

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


Craft brewers continued many of the 2018 trends through 2019, but the future now has a giant question mark for many breweries in the era of COVID-19.

Industry Review Issue

For the May/June 2020 The New Brewer, we provide both a current look at the ways the pandemic has affected craft breweries and a look back at 2019.Read More

This issue is brought to you by Atlas Copco

Insights & Analysis

The On-Premise Is Reopening. Now What?

On-premise business is beginning to reopen. This post explores some of the new data points showing what things might look like over the next few months.Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 199