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RTD Spirits Tax Bill Amended

Amended in Senate committee, Senate Bill 3452 seeks to reduce the alcoholic beverage tax rate on cider and low-percentage alcohol by volume (ABV) liquors so that they match the tax rate for beer at 12 cents/gallon. Read More

NY State Labelled Beer Bill Intro’d

A.B 7746 seeks to amends the definition of New York State labelled beer to require that at least 60%, by weight, of its hops and at least 60% of any other ingredients, excluding water, are grown in New York. …Read More

Manufacturer Sales Bill Introduced in NY

Assembly Bill 7732 seeks to allow a manufacturer with retail on-premises consumption privileges or a retail licensee for on-premises consumption to sell for takeout and deliver alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption. Read More

Self-Distribution Tax Bill Before OK Gov

Emerging from conference and sent to the Governor, House Bill 2684 clarifies the procedure for paying excise tax on beer when it is self-distributed by a brewer to certain locations. Read More

Temporary Sales Bill Sent to OR Governor

Passing the legislature, H.B. 2363 allows certain holders of temporary event licenses to sell specified alcoholic beverages for on and off-premises consumption at more than one location on licensed premises or have up to three premises licensed under single temporary …Read More

Container Size Bill Passes OR Legislature

Passing both legislative chambers, House Bill 2742 would allow the holder of an off-premises sales license to sell factory-sealed containers of malt beverages that hold more than seven gallons. Read More

OR Malt Beverage Definition Bill Signed

Signed into law, H.B. 2264, among several provisions, defines “malt beverage” as beer, ale, porter, stout and other similar fermented beverages that contain more than one-half of one percent and not more than 16 percent of alcohol by volume and …Read More

TN Self-Distribution Bill Signed by Governor

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 177 has been amended to allow breweries producing 25,000 barrels or less annually to self-distribute up to 1,800 barrels statewide before they must enter into a distribution agreement with a wholesaler. Read More

Texas Expanded Brewpub Priviliges Bill Becomes Law

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 1226 would allow brewpubs to conduct tastings and samplings at retailer locations. Read More

NV Distribution Bill Signed into Law

Signed into law, S.B. 307, among several provisions, authorizes a person who operates one or more brew pubs to manufacture and sell an additional 20,000 barrels of malt beverages to an out-of-state wholesaler. Additionally, the bill imposes several restrictions …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 2458

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State & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Pete Johnson serves as the State & Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association. He joined the BA at its inception in 2005, having previously worked as Programs Director for the Brewers Association of America. Before coming to the small brewing industry in 2001, Pete worked for 14 years with both state and federal elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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