Export Development Program

Small and independent American craft brewers are recognized as leaders in innovation and quality in what has become a global craft beer revolution. Funded by grants from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Brewers Association Export Development Program (EDP) works to assist quality focused U.S. brewers in identifying opportunities for international expansion and media promotion of American craft beer as well as educating international trade about proper storage and handling to preserve beer flavor during distribution.


  • Since the program’s inception in 2004, American craft beer exports have increased 1,400%, with a 2020 value estimated at $66 million.
  • U.S. member breweries have gained new distribution agreements throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.
  • EDP member breweries have won countless awards in international competitions.
  • The program continues to generate media exposure for American craft beer and individual breweries in leading industry, news, and lifestyle publications.

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Export Development Program Objectives


Increase awareness of American craft beer by educating international trade and media about the quality and diversity of products offered by the U.S. craft beer industry, about U.S. craft beer culture, and quality best practices during distribution.


Widen exposure for U.S. craft beer through coordinating EDP member brewery presence at international festivals, trade shows, and competitions around the world


Identify opportunities in key international markets and complement the industry’s own efforts to increase international distribution.

Join the Export Development Program and Enjoy these Benefits

Featured at International Shows & Festivals

Gain brand exposure by sending your beers to EDP organized shipments and activities at events in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

Enter Global Competitions

Participate in competitions around the world to generate publicity and attention abroad. The EDP covers entry fees and cost of consolidated shipment for members.

Seminars & Market Research

Listen to export development seminar recordings covering topics of logistics, best practices, and overseas market updates. Or access market research studies and other dedicated export guidance tools.

Global Importer Directory

Access a centralized directory of import companies by market to complement your due diligence when seeking an international partner.

Regulatory Resources

Identify existing resources and programs to support exporting companies with domestic and overseas regulation compliance.

International Trade & Media Relations

Get your beer in front of key international trade and media attending overseas and domestic activities aimed at media exposure and education.

Export Development Membership Details

Program benefits are reserved for EDP member breweries. Participants pay an annual fee based on their production.

Annual Fee:

  • $1,000 for Competition-Only* EDP membership
  • $1,500 for breweries producing up to 50,000 barrels
  • $2,000 for breweries producing between 50,001 and 250,000 barrels
  • $2,500 for breweries producing greater than 250,000 barrels

A discounted rate is available for first-time participants.

* Competition-Only membership is available to breweries of all production levels who only wish to participate in the international competition element of the Export Development Program. Competition-Only EDP members will receive entry fee coverage and can participate in consolidated shipments to judging sites, but are not eligible for participation in other EDP programming.

Contact Steve Parr for more information and to join the EDP!

EDP Activities

From competitions, festivals and trade shows to media engagement and educational seminars, the EDP works to create and fund opportunities throughout the year for small & independent U.S. craft brewers to promote their products in key international markets.

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Meet Your Export Development Team

Steve Parr

Director, International Relations

303.447.0816 X 178

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Adam Dulye

Executive Chef and Global Beer Ambassador

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Lotte Peplow

American Craft Beer Ambassador- Europe

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