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The Brewers Association Member Services Department is here to help. Please view our Frequently Asked Questions tab—your answer may be there. If not, shoot us an email or give us a call. All emails and calls will be answered within 24-48 business hours.  Thank you for your inquiry!

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Account Users & Log-Ins

I don’t believe I’ve ever logged in. How do I log in for the first time?

To create a login, you need to have an active Brewers Association membership, which can be either a personal membership or under your company’s membership. If you’re currently receiving emails from the BA on a regular basis, it is likely you have an active membership. In that case, you can go to our credentials search page to try to locate your account using your email address. If your address is found, we will email you instructions to login for the first time.
If you don’t believe you are currently listed on an active Brewers Association membership, you will need to be added to your company’s roster by a designated company admin. Additional instructions with supporting images are available on the “Managing Your Company Roster” information page.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, make a request on the update credentials form. Use this form to search for your account by entering your username, email, or BA member number.

I’ve moved. How do I update my personal mailing address?

Once you’ve logged in successfully, click the “My Account” link in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Then scroll down until you see “Employee Mailing Address.” This is where you will enter your new mailing address. Make sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page before exiting.

I’m a designated Company Administrator. What’s next?

As company admin you can pay invoices, see payment history, and manage your company roster. To log in as company admin, hover over the “Member Login” tab and select “Company Admin Login” from the menu that pops up or click here to go directly to the Company Admin login page.
• To add staff to your company roster, first log in as company admin. Then you can manage your company’s roster. Additional instructions with supporting images are available on the “Managing Your Company Roster” information page. Staff can be added, removed, or updated. This is a great way to ensure that you and all staff have access to your company’s membership benefits. Be sure to let your staff know that their invite to join will expire after 5 days.
• To pay invoices, log in as company admin and click on the “Pay Invoices” tab.
• To renew your membership, you do not need to be logged in as company admin. If you want to renew your membership, go to our join now/membership renewal page and click on “Renew Your Membership.”
• To view your payment history, log in as company admin and click on the “Payment History” tab.

I’m a designated Company Administrator. Can I edit my colleague’s email address or mailing address?

No. The individual needing an email/mailing address update will need to log in and edit this information. The member can go to the Brewers Association website, select “Member Login” in the upper right-hand corner, and then select “Personal Login.” After logging into their personal account, they should click on “Your Account” in the upper left corner to update your personal information.

How do I update my email preferences?

If you believe you are receiving too many emails or would like to receive others, you may update your preferences at any time using our email preferences form. Please keep in mind if you opt out of receiving emails from us you may miss out on important information such as the pre-sale code for tickets to GABF.
Note to Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon email users: Add to your safe sender list. Sometimes their servers don’t like our servers. Our emails may be blocked from your inbox. If you haven’t received an email recently, manage your email preferences to opt into emails again.


Where can I find details about my membership?

After logging into the Brewers Association website, click on “Your Account.” Your member details, including your member number and your paid-through date will be at the top left. You can also update you email address, mailing address, phone number, and password on this page.

How can I join/renew online?

If you want to join or renew your membership, go to our join now membership renewal page. If you are joining for the first time, you will enter all your information before providing payment. If you are renewing, you will login using your credentials to access your account. Then follow the directions to join/renew your membership.
If you believe you’ve had a membership in the past, but you’ve forgotten your login credentials, try to recover them before creating a new account. To do this, search for your membership by entering your username, email, or BA member number. If your information is not found in the system, but you still believe you had a membership, please call the Member Services Team at (303) 447-0816 and they will assist you.

How can I join/renew by mail?

Download and print the Brewery invoice or the Allied Trade membership invoice and send with a check to renew by mail.

How can I update my company’s supplier directory listing?

Please complete the member supplier form if you would to update an existing record. Member records are updated on a weekly basis.

How do I request a replacement copy of The New Brewer?

If you are a member of the Brewers Association and were supposed to receive a copy of The New Brewer magazine but did not, please call or email the Member Services team at or (303) 447-0816.
If you would like to purchase old copies of The New Brewer, you can do so online.

We are receiving too many copies of The New Brewer. How can we opt out?

If you are receiving too many copies of The New Brewer, log in as your company admin, click on the “Roster” tab, and opt employees out of receiving their copy. If you are not company admin or don’t know who the company admin is, please email us and let us know who doesn’t need the magazine.

Online Membership

How do I access The New Brewer online?

When logged in to your BA account, you can access a digital version of The New Brewer online.

How do I access The BA online forum?

Brewers Association members can access the forum when logged in to their BA account.

Where do I find export development resources?

Our Export Development Program page provides more information on achievements, news, objectives, benefits, and resources for current EDP members. If you have questions about the program or want to learn how to join, please email Steve Parr, our Export Development Program manager, at

Where do I find information about sustainability?

Environmental stewardship is a top priority for both craft brewers and craft beer enthusiasts. Our Sustainability Benchmarking Tools and Reports are a helpful place to start learning more!

Where do I find information about brewery production?

Brewers Association members can access the BA’s brewery production data online when logged in. This data is also printed in The New Brewer May/June issue.

Where can I find the Brewery Operations Benchmarking Survey?

If you are a member of the Brewers Association, you can access the Brewery Operations Benchmarking Survey online.

How do I find my local guild?

The “Find a Guild” section of our State Guilds is a helpful tool you can use to find your state guild’s contact information.

Where can I find Power Hour archives?

If you are a member, search our archives for past Power Hour presentations.

Where can I find the FREE Online Safety Training?

Our Free Safety Training is in our Educational Publications section. If you’ve already taken the course, but forgot your password please use the “forgot password” link. Hint: Your email address is typically your username.


Who can answer my Great America Beer Festival questions?

Our GABF general FAQ page is full of great information.

How can I get tickets for the Great America Beer Festival?

Please see our GABF ticket FAQ page to find all your answers about festival tickets!

Why didn’t I receive my GABF pre-sale code?

Sorry you haven’t received your pre-sale code! A couple things to check: Did you have your membership by the deadline to receive the code? To receive the pre-sale code, you must become a member by the deadline. This is so that we have time to generate the codes for everyone and get the emails sent out. If you were a member by the deadline, did you opt out of receiving emails from us? Update your email subscription preferences on our website to receive emails in the future and for next year’s pre-sale code. Feel give us a call if you feel that you should have received a code and did not!
Note to Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon email users:
Add to your safe sender list. Sometimes their servers don’t like our servers. Our emails may be blocked from your inbox. If you haven’t received an email recently, manage your email preferences to opt into emails again.

I’m a brewery participating in GABF. Where can I find more information?

Our Brewers Information pages on the Great American Beer Festival website will give you all the information you need to know about the Great American Beer Festival and/or competition. There is also a helpful table that provides all the important dates and deadlines!

How can I promote my Great American Beer Festival win?

Congratulations! Learn more about promoting your GABF win on our website.

How can I promote my World Beer Cup win?

Congratulations! Learn more about promoting your WBC win on our website.

Where can I find CBC Exhibitor information?

Craft Brewers Conference is a great way for exhibitors to get in front of brewers and brewery owners. Find more information on booth selection, booth pricingexhibitor info.

What is SAVOR?

SAVOR is our must-attend event in Washington, D.C. Find more information about tickets, breweries attending, the menu, and more at

Student Inquiries & Educational Institutions

Where is the Student Inquiry Form?

If you are a student working on a project or paper and need statistics or other information, please fill out our Student Inquiry Form. Note that responses can take up to two weeks.

What is the Educational Institution Membership?

The Educational Institution membership class is designed to suit the needs of two- and four-year brewing programs, brewing certification programs, brewing schools, culinary programs, and accredited institutions with brewing courses.


Are there any job openings at the Brewers Association?

All job openings will be posted on our website.

What is the Brewers Association’s mailing address?

The Brewers Association’s mailing address is 1327 Spruce St. Boulder, CO 80302.

How do I order Brewers Publications titles and merchandise?

You can order Brewers Publications books and BA merchandise on our BP website.

With the growing popularity of the craft beer segment, the Brewers Association has seen an increase in the amount of students choosing to create projects and papers on the topic. Thus, the demand for statistics has warranted this page just for students who need statistical data for their presentations. The Brewers Association is happy to help, so long as the information’s use is purely scholastic and is approved by the Brewers Association to be disseminated.

Research Resources

Craft Brewing Statistics

The New Brewer Magazine May/June Industry Review Issue

Submit an Inquiry

When submitting a student inquiry, the Brewers Association encourages:

Plan ahead: Responses can take up to 2 weeks, especially during certain times of the year.

Be specific: Keeping your questions specific is the best way to ensure a timely response.

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