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Understanding How to Control Flavor and Aroma Consistency in Dry Hopped Beer

Craft brewers find success in using dry hopping to create aromatic and flavorful hop-forward beers. This presentation shares results from several studies in the Shellhammer lab at Oregon State University that examined dry hopping and the factors that affect aroma …Read More


Craft Malt Sensory Workshop

Craft malthouses are popping up around North America and many craft brewers are interested in using these malts as an additional way to express their craft and connect to their locale. This workshop compares five beers, all brewed using one …Read More


Sensory Panel: Training, Validating and Motivating

In the fast-paced craft brewing environment it is both vital and challenging to maintain a strong sensory program. This session presents solutions to the challenges craft brewers face in starting, sustaining and growing a sensory panel are presented. Topics also …Read More


Origins of Malt Flavor and Malt Varieties for Craft Brewers

Malt flavor and composition differ by variety. Do you know how they impact the taste and shelf-life of your unique craft beer brand? Two leading experts combine forces to discuss basics of flavor development in malt, malt variety choices and …Read More

Craft Brewers Conference Seminar - Featured Image

Drink Beer, Think Food: Crafting Beer-Inspired Food Pairing Strategies

Today’s craft beer is dynamic and flavor-driven. Big beers deserve more than onion rings! With beer shaping the overall flavor platform, beer and food pairing is quickly evolving into a total sensory experience. Celebrate your craftmanship with the pleasures of …Read More


Dry Hopping Techniques

Experts Tom Nielson and Vinnie Cilurzo cover the dry hop process procedures and resulting beer flavor and aroma attributes of different dry hopping methods ranging from small to large scale and with differing hop materials. Read More

Displaying results 31-40 of 45