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January/February 2021

Packaging Issue

For the January/February 2021 The New Brewer, we present our Packaging issue. In this issue, author Greg Kitsock takes a closer look at one of the significant challenges currently affecting craft brewers: the aluminum can shortage. In addition, financial guru Audra Gaiziunas discusses pathways for obtaining new equipment for your brewery; Gary Nicholas outlines food safety as it applies to packaging operations; and Lindsay Barr discusses the importance of sensory evaluation of packaged beer. We also take a look at how on-premise breweries such as taprooms and brewpubs are continuing to survive the pandemic.

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Cover Story

Packaging Issue

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Can Crunch

Craft brewers have been forced to scrounge packaging wherever they can, including repurposing “old” cans with makeshift labels and dusting off bottling lines.

Packaging Issue

Featured Stories

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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Financial Pathways for Adding Brewery Equipment

Exploring different avenues of bringing equipment in house can take center stage as brewers strategize how to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Food Safety in Beer Packaging

Since packaging operations are the last set of a brewery’s process steps to touch beer before it’s consumed, it’s essential that breweries pay strict attention to food safety.

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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Attention to Detail

Monitoring and controlling packaging operations is one of the biggest challenges to beer quality, and it often distinguishes good brewers from great brewers.

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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Packaging Trends

The history of package mix in beer has been a dance of the respective market shares of cans and bottles, each growing and declining in response to long-term trends.

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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Staying Afloat

Adding packaging, ramping up outdoor spaces, and finding other creative ways to keep customers engaged have been crucial to on-premise breweries’ survival.

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