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Kilned vs. Roasted: Do You Really Know Your Specialty Malt?

Only two commercial maltsters in the U.S. operate roasters to produce specialty malt. This seminar will present a basic understanding of the malting process before delving into the differences between producing malt on a kiln compared to producing malt in …Read More


Malt Milling and Its Ramifications for the Craft Brewer

The milling of base and specialty malts has a significant financial and quality impact on your beer. A complete understanding of the milling process, the different types of milling equipment available, and the standard approach to evaluating and optimizing your …Read More


ASBC Lab-in-a-Fishbowl, Session 2: Measuring Wort Gravity Accurately

This joint project between the Brewers Association and the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) is designed to deliver basic quality methodology to attendees. Accurately measuring wort gravity/density/sugar concentration in the brewhouse and …Read More


Going Hopless: Brewing Gruit Ales

International Gruit Day founder Steve Beauchesne will moderate a panel of some of the brewing world’s foremost experts on gruit—beer brewed with herbs, spices, and other botanicals in place of hops. The panelists will explain the tradition of this style, …Read More


Recent Advances in Controlling Flavor and Aroma in Hoppy Beers

Craft brewers use many hopping techniques to create aromatic and flavorful hop-forward beers. This presentation shares results from several studies in the Shellhammer lab at Oregon State University examining factors that affect aroma and bitterness using these techniques. Participants will …Read More


The Science, Art, and Mystery of Sour Beer Production

Avery Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company join together to take you through their souring processes. They combine the art and mystery with the science of souring, including TA measurements, acid profiles, and microbial populations. Read More


Decoction Mashing: History and Modern Uses

Due to high quality malt production, decoction mashing is less common in modern beer production. However, craft breweries are often faced with different challenges that may be solved through a decoction mashing procedure. Theory and practical uses will be discussed …Read More


Brewery Building Basics

This seminar covers the key points to keep in mind when planning the design and build of a brewery or brewpub. Read More


Brewhouse Design and Expansion Considerations

Building, expanding or replacing a brewhouse can be an overwhelming task considering the architectural, equipment and production needs for larger and/or more sophisticated equipment. How should the brewhouse, production and packaging equipment be sized and laid out to accommodate current …Read More


Brewhouse Operations, Part One: Influence on Yield and Quality

Presented in association with VLB. Each step of production influences the yield and quality of the final product. This seminar will examine the main influences in milling, mashing and lautering with regard to their influence on yield, colloidal stability, microbiological …Read More

Displaying results 41-50 of 77