Brewers Association Mentorship Program

The Brewers Association envisions a craft brewing industry that provides unmatched opportunities for learning, professional development, employment, entrepreneurship, belonging, and empowerment to everyone regardless of identities, experiences, or perspectives.

The program seeks to increase the diversity of the workforce, leadership, and ownership of small and independent breweries by providing structured mentoring and advocacy to those experiencing barriers to access or advancement in the industry.

Program Overview

Each cohort of participants will complete a 12-week mentorship program. The program will begin with a one-week orientation and include 11 weeks of structured mentoring with a group of experienced leaders. Participants who are enrolled in the program will be paired with multiple experienced and knowledgeable professionals across a number of theme areas for guided conversations, collaborative activities, and practical advisement.

Participants may enter one of three mentoring tracks:

The Aspiring Professionals track is for those who are new to the craft beer community and have little to no work experience in the industry.

The Advancing Professionals track is for those who currently work in the industry and seek to advance, expand, or change their career trajectories.

The Brewery Start-up track is for those who aspire to start a brewery and have taken tangible steps toward doing so, and for breweries that have operated for less than one year.

Mentorship Program News and Updates