Diversity Best Practices

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Cultivating diversity isn’t merely a feel-good effort; it is an increasingly important key to success in the craft beer community. The diversity best practices resources found below provide expert guidance to those businesses who wish to invest in diversity and inclusion, but may not know where to start.

This five part series is designed to help a business with everything from starting the conversation about why diversity matters and what it means to them, to setting up a framework to assess the success of a diversity and inclusion program.

Diversity and Inclusion for Small and Independent Craft Breweries

Laying the Groundwork

Explore a five-step process to help you build a solid foundation for diversity and inclusion goals in your organization.

Diversifying Your Fans

When it comes to increasing diversity and inclusivity among your fans, taking a “barriers, not bait” approach is crucial. This approach asserts that rather than attempting to bait specific populations of people into a relationship with your brand, your efforts should be focused on removing perceived barriers to access.

Diversifying Your Hands

Hands are the people involved in the process of producing, distributing, and serving craft beer. Incorporating considerations of diversity and inclusion among chief organizational goals will not only allow breweries to attract and retain well-qualified employees, it will also ensure that breweries process the flexibility to respond to the demands of an increasingly diverse marketplace.

Diversifying Your Brand

An inclusive brand is not just one that reaches many different types of people, but one that is also the foundation of many different types of positive relationships.

Assessing Your Efforts

The efforts of organizations working toward the related goals of being more inclusive and expanding diversity should be sustained, actively managed, and accurately assessed.