Craft Brewers Guide to Cultural Observances

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Education Subcommittee has created a Craft Brewers Guide to Cultural Observances to foster greater cultural competency in the craft brewing community. The many cultural observances celebrated in the United States highlight the nation’s vibrant diversity and offer craft brewers an opportunity to build relationships with underrepresented and traditionally marginalized communities through learning, advocacy, and celebration.

Good intentions are an excellent start to any effort to celebrate history and culture. The goal of this guide is to ensure that our community’s good intentions are expressed through thoughtful, respectful, and inclusive actions that appreciate (and do not appropriate) cultural traditions and histories.

This is a living guide⁠—offered as a resource to those planning, operating, or improving a brewery or craft beer business⁠—that will include entries for secular cultural observances celebrated throughout the calendar year. Each entry will feature a brief history of the observance; considerations for those planning events, beer releases, commemorative merchandise, or other activities; actionable suggestions and recommendations; and links to helpful resources.

The Subcommittee will add new entries to the guide over the upcoming year and will continue to add content to existing entries, so check back often.

Craft Brewers Guide to Cultural Observances Table of Contents

The DEI Education Subcommittee looks forward to building this guide for members of the craft brewing community. We invite anyone who wishes to contribute to existing or future entries to get in touch. We would love to hear what these cultural observances mean to you, how you have celebrated them in your business, and what partnerships you may have made with organizations or individuals in your community. We also hope that it will spark conversations on the BA Diversity Equity and Inclusion forum board, where you can share advice and best practices with your peers.

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