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The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Packaging Trends

The history of package mix in beer has been a dance of the respective market shares of cans and bottles, each growing and declining in response to long-term trends.

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The New Brewer: Technical Brewing / Brewery Operations

Steering Your Ship Through Turbulent Waters

The businesses best positioned to survive the pandemic economy are both strong and flexible. They have a lean balance sheet and are prepared to adjust course.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


Craft brewers continued many of the 2018 trends through 2019, but the future now has a giant question mark for many breweries in the era of COVID-19.

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The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue

Beyond Metrics

A growing number of breweries who are fully committed to the triple bottom line are taking the next step and becoming Certified B Corporations.

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The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

The Rise of Lifestyle Beers

A crosscurrent is developing among craft beer consumers: a demand for simpler more refreshing beers that increasingly complement a healthier lifestyle.

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The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

Are Craft Brewers Still Innovating?

As the growth of craft beer as a category has tapered off, some observers have lamented that frewer craft brewers seem to truly innovate, with many now following trends.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Micros: Driving Craft Growth

Microbreweries are now the primary engine in craft growth. Seventy-eight percent of craft beer growth in 2016 came from breweries that sold fewer than 15,000 barrels.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Regionals: Under Pressure

Craft beer volume grew 6 percent last year, but those gains weren’t spread around evenly. Fifteen of the top 25 craft breweries saw their volumes drop over 2015.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Large Breweries + Imports: No More Excuses

The rise in craft beer has, for the most part, masked the slow deterioration of what is still the largest segment of the U.S. beer business.

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The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

Feedback: Tapping Into Beer Drinkers’ Perceptions

Several breweries are finding new ways to get customers engaged and involved, including taste testing and rating experimental beers and recipes.

Displaying results 11-20 of 60