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The New Brewer Sept Oct 2023 Advocacy
The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

Brewing Change

Brewers and breweries are increasingly prominent social actors who operate in complex and political ways, serving as community, environmental, and social resource partners.

May June 2023 The New Brewer Overview
The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

2022 Overview

Change is a constant in beverage alcohol, but the pace and scope of change today seems greater than at almost any point since Prohibition.

The Nimble Brewer
The New Brewer: Business Agility Issue

Business Agility

The maxim “survival of the fittest” applies to the business world as much as to the jungle. But what is meant by “fittest” when it comes to craft breweries?

may june 2022 the new brewer overview
The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

2021 Overview

Craft brewers continue to show resilience through twists and turns of pandemic-related complications. After a 2020 of shutdowns and pivots, volume grew 8% in 2021.

beer trends
The New Brewer: Brewery Safety Issue


The craft brewing business is a mix of trends in full bloom, trends about to launch, and trends simmering just below the surface, waiting to erupt like a geyser.

SOtnb21 Change 600x400
The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

Embracing Change

See ya later, paper menus! Change has been constant during the pandemic, and as we’ve rolled along, we’ve noticed some forever-changes that might have been for the better.

MJtnb21 Overview 1140x500
The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

2020 Overview

As bad as circumstances were for 2020, there are reasons for optimism. Many craft breweries took a direct hit with double-digit declines, but found a way to survive.

MAtnb21 SpecialFeature 1140x500
The New Brewer: Adapting to Change Issue

Adapting to Change

We brewers are in the midst of the greatest challenge the brewing business has seen since Prohibition. For those in a position to weather the tragedy, there are opportunities.

MAtnb21 CheckingIn 600x400
The New Brewer: Adapting to Change Issue

Checking In

How do you lead when you need leadership yourself? The authors offer strategies for success to navigate the current choppy waters of change, pandemic, and political tension.

JFtnb21 FinancingEquipment 1140x500
The New Brewer: Packaging Issue

Financial Pathways for Adding Brewery Equipment

Exploring different avenues of bringing equipment in house can take center stage as brewers strategize how to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Displaying results 1-10 of 60