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In the March/April 2016 The New Brewer, we turn our attention to distribution, focusing on the many models available to both brewpubs and packaging breweries. We also include practical tips for structuring a distribution contract. We’re also gearing up for the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® in Philadelphia May 3-6, with insider Jack Curtin providing a preview of the city’s rich beer culture.

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March/April Features

Distribution Models

The Many Models of Brewpub Distribution

Many brewpubs are exploring the off-premise trade to maximize their sales. How far they go depends on their capacity, their business plans, and, of course, the law.

By Greg Kitsock

Distribution Blueprint

A Practical Blueprint for Distribution

Whether you’re an experienced brewer, a startup packaging brewery, or a brewpub expanding to provide products to local retailers, you need a viable distribution plan.

By Art DeCelle

Canning Revolution

The Canning Revolution 2.0

Hundreds of craft brewers, distributors, and manufacturers have come around to canning. Here’s how the can is being transformed into the container of choice.

By Adrienne So


Reevaluating the Reinheitsgebot

The Reinheitsgebot’s 500th anniversary is an occasion for the reevaluation of its relevancy—especially within the context of today’s rise of the craft brewing movement.

By Horst Dornbusch

Craft Brewers Provide Disaster Relief

Craft breweries nationwide have been impacted by natural disasters in recent years, but they have also stepped up to help victims of these tragedies in meaningful ways.

By Alan Moen

CBC Philadelphia

Built from Beery Beginnings: Philadelphia Hosts CBC

Nearly 14,000 attendees will converge upon a city with a lengthy beer history as Philadelphia hosts the 33rd Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® May 3-6.

By Jack Curtin

Jill Redding You’ll also find news about the craft brewing community in the Brewery Updates, Distribution News, and Beer Releases sections; and new products and services from the allied trade in our Industry Supplier News section. In our back page interview, we highlight Stone Brewing quality assurance manager Rick Blankemeier, who offers five tips for improving the quality of your beer.

Cheers, and we hope you enjoy this issue of The New Brewer.

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