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For the September/October 2016 The New Brewer, we present our annual Sales & Marketing issue. In this issue, we take a look at the role of flagship beers in the age of variety; discuss festival overload; and offer suggestions for sharing your story on social media.

Atlas Copco
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September/October Features

Flagship Beers

Flagship Beers and the Age of Variety

In an era where variety rules and constantly changing taps are the standard, where do flagship beers and core brands fit in?

By Jack Curtin

Refresh Brand

Refresh: Breathing New Life into Brands

Not everyone defines “brand” the same way, but a brand may have several faces. New logos, different packaging, and different approaches can refresh a brewery’s image.

By Stan Hieronymus

Festival Overlaod

Dealing with Festival Overload

Beer festivals abound, with many overlapping events. How do you decide if it’s worth it to send your beer to a festival? And what beer should you send?

By Greg Kitsock

Social Media Story

8 Ways to Tell Your Story on Social Media

Everything from taproom shenanigans to the brewing process are vital components of your brand, and social media makes it easier to engage with your fans consistently.

By Tami Enfield

Navigate the Negative

Navigating the Negative

As a brand, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Try as you might to keep things positive, bad publicity and negative consumer feedback can happen to the best of us.

By Abby Berman Cohen

Consumer Research

Consumer Research for Craft Brewers

Some craft brewers, both large and small, rely almost exclusively on a healthy dose of gut instinct, augmented by barstool-to-barstool conversations with their drinkers.

By Mike Kallenberger

Jill ReddingThis issue also includes all of our informative departments, plus brewery-generated news about the craft brewing community in the Brewery Updates, Distribution News, and Beer Releases sections; and new products and services from the allied trade in our Industry Supplier News department. In our back page interview, we highlight Mark Stutrud of Summit Brewing, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016.

Cheers, and we hope you enjoy this issue of The New Brewer.

  • Jill Redding
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • The New Brewer