Managing Your Company Rosters

Make sure you and other staff have access to all your brewery’s membership benefits. Staff can be added, removed or updated to the company roster by the designated company admin.

If you are unsure who your company admin is, this information will be provided when you attempt to login. (Click image to enlarge.)

Instructions for Company Admin: Add Individuals to Roster

1. Company Admin needs to log in directly to the Company Admin Portal with existing BA Credentials.

2. Click “Manage Rosters”

3. Select “Add Contact”  to provide information about the person you wish to add.

4. Auto Email Invitation Generated

An email invitation will be auto generated for the individual you wish to add. When they receive the email, they must click on the provided link to create a username and password. Once this step is completed, this person is officially on the company roster.

Important Note: Only remove employees that no longer work for the company. For example, if they are not attending the Craft Brewers Conference still keep them on your roster to continue to utilize BA Benefits.