The New Brewer MayJune 2019 Industry Review
May/June 2019

Industry Review Issue

It’s the big one! The May/June 2019 The New Brewer recaps the statistics and highlights for the craft brewing industry in 2018, a year in which craft brewers still posted 4 percent growth despite new challenges and increasing competition. The annual Industry Review includes an overview and analysis of each segment of the U.S. brewing industry (Brewpubs, Micros, Regionals, and Large + Imports), plus brewery barrelage numbers and 2018 openings and closings.

We also include photos and a synopsis from the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® in Denver.

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Cover Story

Industry Review Issue

2018 Overview: Challenge and Resilience cover image

2018 Overview: Challenge and Resilience

Craft continued its winning streak of overall barrel growth in 2018, but the successes and challenges for individual craft brewers continue as competition increases.

Industry Review Issue

Featured Stories

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Brewpubs: Upping Their Game

Brewpubs are more than holding their own. In 2018, the category was up 13 percent from the previous year, with much of that growth coming from new openings.

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Micros: Growing…and Adapting

Microbreweries continue to drive craft brewer growth. Production at microbreweries in 2018 increased 16 percent, far exceeding that of breweries in other categories.

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Regionals: Seeking to Reignite Growth

Lean times continued in 2018 as the regional craft brewery category, once the growth engine of the craft beer industry, was collectively static.

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Large Breweries + Imports: Looking for Hits in Unlikely Places

Brands like Michelob ULTRA, Modelo Especial, and flavored malt beverages are gaining traction while the top three light beers continue to lose market share.

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