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Employment Law for Brewery Managers

This seminar is presented to raise awareness of employment issues facing the brewing industry and to provide some helpful tips on how to address these items up front in an effort to avoid costly legal problems. This seminar is designed …Read More

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Hiring, Training and Managing Craft Beer Salespeople

Learn how to hire, train and manage craft beer salespeople for success. We’ll walk through each area and give you real world tactics you can put to use immediately to help drive profitable sales volume. Read More


Planning for an Exit: How to Prepare for an Ownership Transition

Join a craft founder, an industry consultant/banker, an ESOP advisor and an estate planning expert as they discuss observations and options surrounding the preparation and execution of an ownership transfer. Whether it be on the near term horizon or in …Read More


Successfully Planning, Starting and Operating a Nano Brewery

The nano brewery model is gaining popularity and becoming commonplace in the industry. The question is, can it be done with success and be an effective way to enter the craft beer industry? This seminar covers things to consider, how …Read More


Succession Planning Panel

This panel discusses several models for planning the next phase of brewery ownership and management. Read More


Zen and the Art of Brewpub Management

If you ask established brewpub operators, “What’s the hardest part of your job?” many respond unequivocally with “managing staff.” By paying attention to a few guiding principles, you can take the stress out of managing people and get more enjoyment …Read More

Tips for Negotiating Customer Service

By: John Szymankiewicz, Beer Law Center Over a career as an engineer, project manager, lawyer and business owner, I’ve learned how to deal with customers, especially upset and ill-tempered ones. I think negotiation is a key factor in effectively dealing with customers. I’ll …Read More


Bar Start-Up and Efficiency

What does it take creat a succesful bar? Hear from a panel of experienced publicans. From paperwork to delegating duties, this panel will start anyone on their way to opening the next great beer bar. Read More

Displaying results 61-70 of 83