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Legal Insights

New Ruling on Gluten Claims Aligns TTB with FDA

On October 13, 2020, the TTB released TTB Ruling 2020-2 – an expected amendment of its policies towards gluten claims. Read More

Industry Updates

Hop Grower Codes

The Brewers Association encourages brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop growers. Understanding hop grower codes is just one component.Read More

Legal Insights

FDA Publishes Final Rule on Gluten-Free Claims for Fermented Foods

The FDA recently finalized regulations governing gluten-free claims for fermented and hydrolyzed foods, including beer.Read More

Industry Updates

Restarting Yeast After a Prolonged Shutdown

As brewers restart brewing operations after prolonged shutdown, one of the first considerations will be procuring pitchable quantities of viable yeast. Read More

Industry Updates

Brewers Association Hop Supply Chain Member Communication

This is a critical time to take stock of your brewery's situation and communicate now with growers and dealers to share your updated hop requirements.Read More

Industry Updates

Hop Selection Guidelines for Brewers

Learn the origins, objectives, requirements, logistics and things to expect during hop selection, as well as what to do if you cannot select this year.Read More

Insights & Analysis

The Hop Pendulum: A History of the American Hops Market

The hops market has distinct cycles driven by supply and demand. A brief look at the history of American hops can help brewers understand this pendulum. Read More

Association News

Brewers Association Funded Public Hop Program Research Published

A BA-funded team of public hop program scientists have published an article on the "Influence of Nitrogen Fertility Practices on Hop Cone Quality." BA members have access to the full article for a limited time. Read More

Industry Updates

Good Bines: Hop Industry Best Practices Program Announced

Hop Growers of America recently launched Good Bines, a comprehensive educational best practices resource for U.S. hop growers. Good Bines is a farm-focused framework built on the collaborative development and sharing of economic, social, and environmental best practices. Read More

Industry Updates

Barley Resources

5 Key States for Barley Production ~ 75% of the barley grown in the US is produced in these states. So what happens in these states can impact the market for barley and therefore malt. Idaho Montana North Dakota Colorado Wyoming The Brewers Association has gathered a …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 16