Chuck Skypeck

Chuck joined the Brewers Association staff in 2013 after a long career as a craft brewer. He opened Tennessee’s first brewpub, Boscos, in 1992. As an owner and director of brewery operations for Boscos Brewing Company, he opened additional brewpubs in Memphis, Nashville and Little Rock, Ark. In 2007, Chuck opened and operated Ghost River Brewing in Memphis. He has served as chair of the Association of Brewers Board of Advisors, chair of the Association of Brewers Board of Directors and was a member of the first Board of Directors for the Brewers Association.

In his capacity as technical brewing projects coordinator, Chuck works with the technical committee and the safety, sustainability, quality, draught beer quality, pipeline subcommittees, as well as the keg repatriation working group, to encourage and facilitate best practices in all phases of Brewers Association members’ brewery operations.

  1. Traveling to Chico to attend the Young Scientists Symposium
  2. Delivering one of several keynote lectures on Diversity of Beer Styles during Trends in Brewing in Ghent, Belgium.
  3. Attending Michigan State University’s Great Lakes Hops and Barley Conference in Traverse City, MI.
  4. Attending the Rocky Mountain Microbrewers Symposium in Colorado Springs on February 19, 2016
  5. Attending Farmer Brewer Weekend at Hartwick College
  6. Delivering an presentation on growler quality and safety at the Congres des Microbrasseries du Quebec in Quebec City

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