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Industry Updates

Sustainability Manuals

Environmental stewardship is a top priority for both craft brewers and craft beer enthusiasts. Maintaining a healthy balance between stewardship, social enrichment, and economic vitality is important to the future success of craft brewing.Read More

Association News

Call to Submit 2019 Sustainability Benchmarking Data

For all those who are utilizing the Brewers Association's Sustainability Benchmarking Tool, this is a renewed call to submit your 2019 calendar year data.

Industry Updates

Best Practices for Responsible Disposal of Beer

These best practices will help guide brewers repurpose out-of-code beer for distillation or disposal to a municipal treatment facility. Read More

The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue

How to Become a Sustainability Champion

Getting a brewery sustainability program off the ground doesn’t have to be a major time commitment. Assembling a rag-tag “green team” is a great place to start.

The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue


Breweries who have not successfully implemented a water conservation plan can be expected to use upwards of 10 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of beer.

The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue


Most craft brewery wastewater solutions will require a partnership with the local municipal water treatment facility. Here’s how to navigate this crucial relationship.

The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue

Beyond the Barnyard

Brewers’ spent grain is being used to not only help grow crops and livestock, but to feed the hungry, generate energy, and spin off ancillary businesses.

Sustainability Issue

For the January/February 2020 The New Brewer, we present our Sustainability issue. Sustainability has been on the minds of craft brewers since the earliest days of the industry, even before the term was integrated into common discourse. From conserving water to carefully managing wastewater to finding inventive uses for spent grains, this issue takes a look at how your brewery can strive to minimize its impact on the environment. Read More

This issue is brought to you by BSG Craft Brewing

Displaying results 1-10 of 73