Five Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Creating a thriving business goes beyond just making a great product; it requires a holistic approach to business management that includes employee engagement, sustainability, safety, benefits, and continuous learning.

In a competitive industry, businesses that excel are those that prioritize their workforce, optimize operations, and leverage every resource available to them. Here we explore five key strategies that will not only improve your bottom line but also help you build a stronger, more resilient organization.

1. Engage Employees

When it comes to creating a successful workforce, finding great employees is only half of the battle. For many organizations, trying to retain talent is a significant challenge. In a labor market with far more open jobs than people available to fill them, companies need to put in extra effort to keep employees happy and engaged. While there are several obvious costs of turnover—like job boards and time spent trying to find a replacement—company leaders might be shocked by some of the hidden costs associated with employee turnover and what that can mean for the company’s finances—we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is, there are steps employers can take to increase employee satisfaction and longevity with the organization, including offering comprehensive training, supporting mental health and wellness, and showing appreciation for their team.

2. Prioritize Sustainability

All (or almost all) of your sustainability efforts are directly linked to improving your bottom line. The best place to start in your sustainability journey is with monitoring. Enter your utility data into the Sustainability Benchmarking Tool and you’ll be able to instantly see trends in your performance, along with side-by-side comparisons of how you’re doing beside breweries of similar sizes. Use this information to prioritize low- or no-cost initiatives that will quickly cut your utility usage, leaving more money in your pocket. Measuring the efficiency of your brewhouse is another way to ensure you’re using your raw ingredients to their fullest potential. Finally, breweries are increasingly seeing rising costs related to wastewater disposal, so explore side streaming high-strength waste (and many other approaches to wastewater management) to cut back on those surcharges.

3. Emphasize Safety

Implementing a robust safety program and cultivating a safety culture is a crucial aspect of business operations, benefiting not only the well-being of employees but also the financial health of the organization. Businesses that fail to properly train employees on the various hazards present in their environment—from production, to front-of-house, to administration offices—face increased risks of injury and even fatalities. Workplace injuries not only harm employees but can also lead to potentially higher workers’ compensation premiums. Therefore, prioritizing the safety of your workforce is a financially prudent strategy. To get started on developing a safety program, or to improve upon an existing one, companies can check out the Safety Resource Hub, share the Brewery Safety Training online courses with employees, and consider diving deep with the Brewery Safety: Principles, Processes and People book by Matt Stinchfield.

4. Maximize Membership

The Brewers Association (BA) discount programs are a fantastic way to save some cash on the operational side of your business. To start, you can review the list for services or subscriptions you already have and determine whether you could be paying less. For example, your membership affords you up to 20% off of BMI music licensing and 15-20% off of DIRECTV packages. Additionally, you can review our programs for services or benefits you’d like to bring to your team. While comprehensive healthcare can be expensive for a small business to offer, supplemental services like Teladoc Health offer your staff a low-cost option for mental health resources, virtual checkups for non-life-threatening illnesses, and more. These programs highlight both sides of the coin, offering savings on operational costs, as well as discounted services that may help with employee morale and retention!

5. Promote Learning

For employers, providing a pathway for advancement and growth is part of a healthy employee engagement and retention strategy. Micro credentials, such as the certificates offered through the BA online training center are one accessible and supportive pathway for professionals to grow in their careers while on the job. When these learning opportunities are matched with real world training needs at your organization, it’s a no brainer. For instance, the completion of compliance-based training, such as the Human Resources Manager Crash Course, can support employee well-being and provide important documentation for your company; and training around Beer Quality Management can lead to improving best practices for managing beer quality, ultimately saving costs via smarter process decisions and protecting brand integrity. When it comes to improving quality and safety for staff and customers, Draught Line Training can equip your team with the knowledge of best practices that reduce beer loss, maintain beer quality, and promote safety. For times when you need audio-based learning, members can access the CBC Seminars archive and learn from industry professionals on a variety of important topics.

By engaging employees, prioritizing sustainability, emphasizing safety, maximizing membership benefits, and promoting continuous learning, businesses can significantly improve their bottom line. Each of these strategies not only fosters a more satisfied and productive workforce but also drives operational efficiencies and cost savings. Implementing these practices can transform your organization into a thriving, resilient business that stands out in a competitive market. The cumulative impact of these efforts will not only enhance your financial performance but also contribute to long-term success.

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