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Tariffs and Trade

Updated FAQs: What Breweries Need to Know About the Current State of Tariffs in the U.S.

Two investigations by U.S. agencies have led to the imposition of tariffs that may have an effect on breweries. Here's what you need to know about them.Read More

Tariffs and Trade

Tariffs Impact Brewing Machinery Imported from China

On September 1, 2019 anyone importing brewing machinery from China into the United States will be required to pay an additional 10 percent tariff, regardless of whether the machinery was ordered prior to the tariffs going into effect. Read More

The New Ag Kids: Starting a Farm Brewery in the Farmhouse Brewing Era

In this panel, owners of rural breweries will share their experiences in opening and operating production breweries and tasting rooms on agricultural land. Farmers have been brewers since, likely, there were farms, but modern brewing has largely been an industrial …Read More

TTB Bootcamp

The Brewers Association is partnering with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to present this seminar covering the basics of what brewers need to do to comply with TTB requirements. Topics include brewer’s notices, record-keeping, operational reports, …Read More

Legal and Government Affairs Update

Longtime Brewers Association counsel Marc Sorini provides his annual overview of the year’s developments at the intersection of law and craft beer. Topics this year will include: The implications of the Supreme Court’s pending Byrd v. Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers …Read More

Check Your Labels – The TTB’s Rules Are About to Change

On November 26, 2019, the TTB published a notice asking for public comments on a comprehensive update to federal beverage alcohol labeling and advertising regulations. The TTB is updating existing regulations and formalizing many unwritten labeling conventions adopted in the …Read More

Industry Updates

Good Bines: Hop Industry Best Practices Program Announced

Hop Growers of America recently launched Good Bines, a comprehensive educational best practices resource for U.S. hop growers. Good Bines is a farm-focused framework built on the collaborative development and sharing of economic, social, and environmental best practices. Read More

Displaying results 31-40 of 97