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Legal Insights

FDA Publishes Final Rule on Gluten-Free Claims for Fermented Foods

The FDA recently finalized regulations governing gluten-free claims for fermented and hydrolyzed foods, including beer.Read More

Legal Insights

District Court in Michigan Compels Arbitration in Virginia Beer Franchise Dispute

This decision provides craft brewers with an opportunity to reflect on the pros and cons of arbitrating disputes. Read More

Legal Insights

FDA Publishes Blueprint for the Future of Food Safety Regulation

FDA has laid out its aspirational food safety plans for the next decade, prompting craft brewers to engage and educate on our industry's unique issues.Read More

Legal Insights

Allegations in TTB Settlement with Anheuser-Busch Shed Light on Sponsorship Arrangements Between Big Brewers and Major Sports and Entertainment Venues

The facts alleged by TTB support what many craft brewers have long suspected – A-B has used its clout as a sponsor of various teams and resorts to force its products on the public and exclude competitors from venues around the country. Read More

2020 TTB Bootcamp: Labeling

The primary purpose of TTB labeling requirements is to make sure consumers get adequate information about what they are purchasing, and are not misled about its age, origin, or identity. To that end, beer labels must include certain information based …Read More

2020 TTB Bootcamp: Formulas

Some beers require TTB formula approval, and in this session you’ll learn how the ingredients and processes you use to make your beer impact whether or not you’ll need it. We’ll cover how to determine if your product requires a …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 95