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Hazardous Communication (Hazcom) Training

What’s Hazcom? Are there any sample training materials I can use as a template to get this going at my brewery?  The Safety Exchange Says: Hazcom is short for “Hazard Communication.” It relates specifically to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Sometimes …Read More

Changes in Hazard Communication (Hazcom)

Can you tell me what is changing in Hazard Communication and when I have to have comply? The Safety Exchange Says: Most employees are familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels that manufacturers and vendors of hazardous chemicals …Read More

Hearing Protection

My safety officer just made a new rule that I wear earplugs when I bottle. It doesn’t seem that loud and when I wear earplugs, I just want to turn the music up more. I’ve been going without earplugs for …Read More

Workplace Measurements of Grain Dust and DE

Can the safety committee survey breweries to gather some actual air sampling results? While each brewery certainly has unique conditions, benchmarking this data may provide significant value to BA members. Especially, if there are some breweries who can share experiences …Read More

Wearing a Respirator when Milling

Do I have to wear a respirator when I mill malt? Do I have to shave my beard? The Safety Exchange Says: You must wear a respirator when milling malt if your employer has determined through a hazard assessment that you …Read More


Harmonization of the Hazard Communication Standard

Every brewery needs to educate its employees to avoid hazardous chemical exposure in the workplace. Hazcom starts a culture of safety from day one with new employees. This workshop provides a list of requirements for a compliant and effective hazcom …Read More

Displaying results 41-50 of 55