Affordable Forklift Training and Safety Programs

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Are there any good, low cost resources available to me to institute a lift truck training and safety program?

The Safety Exchange Says: As you must know by now, OSHA states “All powered industrial truck operators must be trained and certified by their organizations.” Training can be tailored to your brewery’s applications, but needs to cover specific topics like operating principles, types of vehicles in use, forklift hazards, and general precautions. Training must consist of both classroom and hands on demonstration of forklift operation skills.

OSHA has a great selection of helpful training resources on If you want further help, many outside organizations offer training and certification for a reasonable price. Forklift suppliers, local safety and health safety organizations, such as the National Safety Council local chapters, private consultants with expertise in powered industrial trucks, and local vocational schools are some available resources.

The BA safety subcommittee has also developed Best Management Practice guidance For the Management of Powered Industrial Trucks.