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Forklift Certification

My brewery just had a close call with a forklift. I read that everyone that operates a forklift needs to be certified. The brewery is small and, according to the owners, we don’t have it in our budget to get …Read More

Protection from Hot Liquids

I know of people who have been seriously burned in the brewery. How can we protect our brewers from hot liquids? The Safety Exchange Says: Most importantly, safety with begins with hazard recognition. Knowing how boiling wort can jump out of …Read More

Ladder Hazards

Is climbing a ladder leaned against a fermenter okay? Some of my cellaring tasks such as CIP, sanitizing, and dry-hopping require me to carry either reactive chemicals or bulk weight quantities of raw material up a ladder so that I …Read More

How to Determine If an Injury Is Work-Related

How do I determine if an injury is “work-related”? What is required by OSHA for record keeping when it comes to workplace injuries? The Safety Exchange Says: A work-related injury from a Workers Compensation standpoint may differ from an OSHA-recordable injury or …Read More

Safety Sheets for Craft Brewers

Can a general/generic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) be developed similar to some of the Department of Labor OSHA “Quick Cards” and references which focus on the craft brewing industry? Have you discussed, or is there a basic guideline for very small …Read More

Displaying results 31-40 of 55