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Harvest Reports 2020
The New Brewer: Raw Materials

2020 World Barley and Hops Harvest

A comprehensive look at the 2020 hops and barley harvests. The U.S. again saw record acreage for hops, while U.S. barley production decreased slightly.

New Hop Varieties 2020
The New Brewer: Raw Materials

From All Directions

Contessa. Nectaron. Harlequin. Talus. Those are not the names of characters in the next Marvel movie. Instead, they are recently christened hop varieties.

BA 2020 Hop Usage Survey
The New Brewer: Raw Materials

2020 BA Hop Usage Survey

The 13th annual Brewers Association survey provides a look at the top 10 hop varieties and a by-the-numbers snapshot of hop usage by craft brewers.

Link to article NovDec The New Brewer 2020

Raw Materials

For the November/December 2020 The New Brewer, we present our annual Raw Materials issue, focused on the world harvests for barley and hops.Read More

This issue is brought to you by SKA FAB

Hop Creep
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing / Brewery Operations

Hop Creep

Recent scientific studies suggest that hops contain enzymes that biochemically modify beer carbohydrates during dry hopping, giving rise to a secondary fermentation.


Efficient Hop Flavor

In a world of ever-increasing competition, brewers are seeking more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce flavorful beer. Hop pellets have been the traditional means by which brewers have imparted bitterness, taste, and aroma during the beer production. However, …Read More


Getting the Most from Your Hops: Oil Components, Behavior in Beer and Understanding Certificates of Analysis for Modern Recipe Design | Presented by Yakima Chief Hops [Sponsored]

Which hops make the most impact in the kettle, whirlpool, and dry hop? In this seminar, the Yakima Chief Hops Technical Solutions team discusses recent research in hop compounds, specifically flavors and aromas that translate into beer character. They cover …Read More

Displaying results 11-20 of 96