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Industry Updates

Good Bines: Hop Industry Best Practices Program Announced

Hop Growers of America recently launched Good Bines, a comprehensive educational best practices resource for U.S. hop growers. Good Bines is a farm-focused framework built on the collaborative development and sharing of economic, social, and environmental best practices. Read More

Industry Updates

Cost of Hop Production

WSU School of Economic Sciences Hop Grower Tool The tool includes a complete report detailing the underlying economic assumptions, an abbreviated summary report for growers, and working spreadsheets that growers can use to input production cost factors and yield data to …Read More

The New Brewer

From Trials to Triumph: New Hop Varieties

Hop breeders and growers around the world are trying to keep pace with consumers’ changing tastes and breweries’ quests for new flavors and aromas.

The New Brewer

2018 World Barley and Hops Harvest

A comprehensive look at the 2018 hops and barley harvests. The U.S. again recorded record acreage for hops, while U.S. barley production increased.

The New Brewer

2018 BA Hop Usage Survey

The 11th annual Brewers Association survey provides a look at the top 10 hop varieties, 10 hard-to-get varieties, and a by-the-numbers snapshot of hop usage by craft brewers.

Industry Updates

Hop Resources

The following links for hop resources include hop acreage, hop production and other statistical reports. Reports Hop Growers of America Annual Statistical Reports – An annual HGA report detailing past year hop production by state, acreage, pounds and varieties. USDA Hop Reports Videos …Read More

Industry Updates

Hop Grower Codes

Since the 2007-2008 hop shortage, the Brewers Association has encouraged brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop merchants and hop growers. A business relationship can be significantly strengthened with a handshake and personal contact. In this era of rapidly …Read More

Raw Materials Issue

For the November/December 2018 The New Brewer, we present our annual Raw Materials issue, focusing on the 2018 barley and hop harvests in the U.S. and beyond. The U.S. is once again the world’s top producer of hops, and the U.S. barley crop bounced back from a disappointing 2017. Read More

This issue is brought to you by Yakima Chief Hops

Dry-hopping Beer and Achieving Consistent Flavor

Learn how popular hop cultivars respond to late vs. dry-hopping; how hop quality and dry-hopping rate impact aroma intensity; and why unintended bitterness, refermentation, and diacetyl can occur. Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 44