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Here are a few quick and easy tools for beer distributors and retailers to help increase or advance their knowledge of craft beer and the industry.


The BA Insider is a free quarterly email publication specifically for Brewers Association distributor members.

The BA Insider is published quarterly. The topics discussed are selected with a distributor audience in mind and are meant to increase awareness and ease of access to Brewers Association resources and news. Topics include: SKU proliferation, category management, quality and more.

Past Newsletters

Volume 14: June 2015

  • Two Important Steps for Proper Beer Presentation

Volume 13: May 2015

  • Key Qualities in Craft Brewer-Wholesaler Relationships

Volume 12: March 2015

  • 3 Merchandising Principles to Help Retailers Sell More Craft

Volume 11: September 2014

  • 10 Steps to Terrific Draught Beer

Volume 10: August 2014

  • Growth in the Craft Beer Segment: Sky Is the Limit

Volume 9: April 2014

  • How are You Celebrating American Craft Beer Week®?
  • Beer and Food Pairings

Volume 8: January 2014

  • SKU/Portfolio Management

Volume 7: October 2013

  • How to Get the Most Out Of Category Management for Your Craft Segment
  • Case Study

Volume 6: July 2013

  • Why Proper Storage of Craft Beer is Critical
  • Date Coding
  • Fresh-Hopped Beer
  • Display Still Sells Beer

Volume 5: April 2013

  • Craft Beer Drinker
  • Craft Brands are Profitable

Volume 4: January 2013

  • Craft Fights Back vs. the Foreign Beer Giants; Craft is Under-Spaced in the Off-Premise Chains
  • Category Captains
  • Cold is Better for Craft

Volume 3: October 2012

  • Shelf Sets: Why We Need to Keep Craft Beer Set by Brand in the Chains

Volume 2: July 2012

  • Take the Beer 101 Education Course
  • Frosted Glassware is Not Cool: Temperature Tips for Your Retailers

Volume 1: April 2012

  • Help Accounts Prepare to Host a Craft Beer Tasting!
  • Get New Ideas for Pairing Beer with Food


There are additional resources for distributors in the Education section of this site.


CraftBeer.com Articles

The BA acknowledges the importance of well-informed wholesale and retail tiers and therefore, with the assistance of the Market Development Committee, has compiled resources to further the craft beer development of these tiers.

This information is sourced from various divisions of the Brewers Association, including CraftBeer.com, a website dedicated to engaging and educating craft beer enthusiasts.