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The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Taking Control of Cone-to-Cone Yeast Pitches

For many craft brewers, the only method of adding yeast to wort is by cone-to-cone pitching. But this simple method can result in highly variable fermentations.


Using Belgian Yeast: Three Belgians’ Perspectives

Belgian yeast contributes some of the most interesting and unique yeast characteristics to a beer when used properly. Along with great aroma and flavor development, there can also be many unknowns with Belgian yeast. Some of these unknowns are poor …Read More


Advanced Techniques in Wild and Sour Beer Production

This presentation is intended to provide insight to brewers who have already begun the wild and sour beer journey. Chad and Troy will look at production methods and techniques to expand on existing knowledge and help create great wild and …Read More


Discovering Diacetyl

Zach, Victory Brewing Company’s quality lab technician, discusses the basics of diacetyl production and the key factors contributing to its formation during fermentation. Learn various methods of diacetyl detection, from practical sensory evaluation to more scientific instruments for inspection. Lastly, …Read More


Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse has become more and more of interest, especially in the international craft brewing world. Both traditional and modern brewing procedures as well as quality aspects will be the main topics of this presentation. Read More


Understanding Yeast Flocculation

Yeast can be a mysterious and difficult piece of the brewing puzzle. One of the most problematic aspects of working with yeast is maintaining good flocculation after fermentation, whether it’s getting lager yeast to settle out completely or getting wheat …Read More

Displaying results 51-60 of 67