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Technical Brewing Issue

For the July/August 2014 The New Brewer, we present our Technical Brewing issue. For this issue, we take a look at brewing-related topics such as barley varieties, water chemistry, yeast pitching, and improving shelf life. Read More

This issue is brought to you by Yakima Chief Hops


Troubleshooting Problem Fermentations

All brewers encounter a fermentation problem at some time during their working career. Many variables exist in brewing, and the nature of a live organism performing the fermentation can make it difficult to pinpoint the cause of a fermentation issue. …Read More


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

This presentation highlights efforts by some beverage companies and nonprofits to increase recycling of consumer packaging using a market-based and industry-driven model. Read More


Natural Resource Management: A Team-Based

Speakers will outline the work of New Belgium Brewing employess to develop a cross-functional, team-oriented approach to manage day-to-day consumption of natural resources. Learn tips and ideas to create your own Natural Resource Management team. Read More


Sake and Beer Hybrids: Techniques and Approaches

As craft brewers worldwide seek new experimental pathways to creative expression, they are finding the study and practice of other traditional fermented beverages an enlightening pursuit. Kjetil Jikiun, Will Meyers and Todd Bellomy have professional experience in sake brewing as …Read More

Displaying results 221-230 of 277