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The New Brewer

Thinking Small: Craft Brewers Embrace Smaller Packaging Formats

As craft beer trends toward lighter “lifestyle” options such as session beers, a growing number of craft breweries are gravitating toward smaller package sizes.

The New Brewer

Improving Brewhouse CIP

Many brewers are discovering that adding hydrogen peroxide to an alkaline cleaning solution can assist in removing protein and calcium deposits in the brewhouse.

The New Brewer

The Coolship: Modern Uses for an Historic Vessel

Originally designed to cool wort, coolships are becoming more prevalent in U.S. craft breweries for more than just spontaneous fermentation. A look at uses and best practices.

The New Brewer

Tracing Dissolved Oxygen through the Packaging Process

Selling oxidized, stale beer is an easy way to lose customers. With the increasing level of competition for retail space, brewers need every advantage to keep their beer at its best.

The New Brewer

Attention to Detail: Improving CIP Efficiency

As brewers, we meticulously follow recipes and procedures. So why do otherwise careful brewers often set up CIPs by eyeball, wildly varying contact time and concentration?

The New Brewer

Draught System Maintenance and Cleaning

A well-designed and diligently executed maintenance plan ensures a trouble-free draught system operation and fresh, flavorful beer. Learn how to test your system for cleanliness.

Technical Brewing/Brewery Operations Issue

For the July/August 2019 The New Brewer, we present our annual Technical Brewing/Brewery Operations issue. Themed “Attention to Detail,” this issue examines ways to improve various aspects of the brewing process and brewery operations. We also include photos from two recent events in Washington, D.C.: the Brewers Association’s annual Hill Climb and SAVOR. Read More

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We Can and So Can You: Canning Line Selection and Installation

Properly packaging your beer for market is critical to quality and consumer experience, and the first step is selecting and installing the equipment! Join moderator Alan Windhausen from Pikes Peak Brewing, plus speakers Brock Ashburn from Highland Brewing and Perry …Read More

The Effect of Malt Quality and the Malting Process on Beer Flavor Stability

Key staling compounds in beer, e.g., ketones and aldehydes, initiate from precursors and enzymes present in malt. Staling mechanisms include lipoxygenase (LOX) mediated oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, aldehydes originating from process thermal load, and Strecker degradation of amino acids. …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 169