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The New Brewer

Good Bines

With an increasing focus on sustainability, best practices, and good agricultural practices, Hop Growers of America has launched a new program to assist with grower education.

The New Brewer

2019 World Barley and Hops Harvest

A comprehensive look at the 2019 hops and barley harvests. The U.S. again saw record acreage for hops, while U.S. barley production increased significantly.

The New Brewer

Beyond Brett

The modern brewing industry has barely scratched the surface of what is possible in the realm of fermenting organisms, as there is still much to be explored.

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Branching Out with Barley

In order to determine barley varieties that can thrive in a region that is not a traditional malting barley producer, the Eastern Spring Barley Nursery was formed in 2015.

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2019 BA Hop Usage Survey

The 12th annual Brewers Association survey provides a look at the top 10 hop varieties, 10 hard-to-get varieties, and a by-the-numbers snapshot of hop usage by craft brewers.

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The Terroir of Hops

The concept of terroir, much talked about in the winemaking world, applies to hop bines just as much as it does to grape vines.

Raw Materials Issue

It’s impossible to brew great beer without quality ingredients, and Mother Nature annually plays a big role in the hops and barley harvests. Read More

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Industry Updates

Hop Grower Codes

The Brewers Association encourages brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop growers. Understanding hop grower codes is just one component.Read More

The New Brewer

On the Kveik Trail: The Yeast That’s Disrupting the Brewing World

Lars Marius Garshol has been central to understanding that the kveik yeast may ultimately be more disruptive to brewing than something like brut IPA.

Association News

Brewers Association Funded Public Hop Program Research Published

A BA-funded team of public hop program scientists have published an article on the "Influence of Nitrogen Fertility Practices on Hop Cone Quality." BA members have access to the full article for a limited time. Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 136