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The Effect of Malt Quality and the Malting Process on Beer Flavor Stability

Key staling compounds in beer, e.g., ketones and aldehydes, initiate from precursors and enzymes present in malt. Staling mechanisms include lipoxygenase (LOX) mediated oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, aldehydes originating from process thermal load, and Strecker degradation of amino acids. …Read More

Small-Scale Yeast Management

The best employee you will ever hire is yeast. However, keeping yeast content, happy, and working at its peak is a challenge for small brewers who usually utilize multiple yeast strains over intermittent periods. Matt Couch from Lazarus Brewing Company …Read More

Researcher Presentations

Researcher Presentation: Developing Fertility and Pest Management Strategies to Optimize Hop Yield and Minimize Environmental Impact Growing hops in temperate climates, like the Northeast, presents both agronomic and environmental challenges to growers. Add an increasingly erratic climate to the mix and …Read More

Public Hop Breeding: Experimental Hop Varieties… and Free Beer!

Public hop breeding and research have been reinvigorated with Brewers Association investment and recent congressional appropriations. Learn about public hop research from breeder, grower, brewer and industry-wide perspectives. Then enjoy beers made with promising experimental hop varieties and hear from …Read More

Hop Contracting is So Yesterday – NOT

Hop contracting remains the single tool allowing craft brewers of all sizes to ensure access to the hop varieties they cherish for their beer brands. Hop growers will only produce the hops you need until you ask them to do …Read More

No Barley, No Beer: Understanding the U.S. Barley and Malt Supply Chain

Without barley, there is no beer! Get to know the growers of your U.S. malting barley, hailing from North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. This interactive panel discussion will cover national and regional production trends, reasons for the decline in barley …Read More

From Terroir to Technique: Understanding the Impact of Craft Malt in Beer

At the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, five craft maltsters introduced brewers to the concept of using craft malt to express their craft and connect to a locale. Five years and over 60 new craft malthouses later, brewers are …Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 128