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The New Brewer: Raw Materials Issue

From Trials to Triumph: New Hop Varieties

Hop breeders and growers around the world are trying to keep pace with consumers’ changing tastes and breweries’ quests for new flavors and aromas.

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Hop Resources

The following links for hop resources include hop acreage, hop production and other statistical reports. Reports Hop Growers of America Annual Statistical Reports – An annual HGA report detailing past year hop production by state, acreage, pounds and varieties. USDA Hop Reports Videos …Read More

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Raw Materials Issue

For the November/December 2018 The New Brewer, we present our annual Raw Materials issue, focusing on the 2018 barley and hop harvests in the U.S. and beyond. The U.S. is once again the world’s top producer of hops, and the U.S. barley crop bounced back from a disappointing 2017. Read More

This issue is brought to you by Yakima Chief Hops


Dry-hopping Beer and Achieving Consistent Flavor

Learn how popular hop cultivars respond to late vs. dry-hopping; how hop quality and dry-hopping rate impact aroma intensity; and why unintended bitterness, refermentation, and diacetyl can occur. Read More


Navigating Hop Contracts in a Changing Market

A panel discussion on hop contracts, over and under contracting, the return of the spot market, and dollar cost averaging your hops Read More


Understanding Pure Distilled Hop Oils

Brewers have seen reduced filtration losses along with IBU retention by substituting dry-hopping pellets with pure steam-distilled hop oils. More beer means more revenue per batch. Read More


Budgeting and Managing Brewhouse Raw Materials

Outside of salaries, brewhouse materials are the most expensive cost associated with making beer. Recognizing the cost drivers in the brewhouse is important to having a complete understanding of your brewery’s profitability. This presentation will provide in-depth insight into budgeting …Read More


Researcher Presentations: Your BA Dues At Work

In 2016, the Brewers Association provided $280,000 in competitive grant support for 13 barley- and hop-related research projects. Several of these researchers will present their findings during the Craft Brewers Conference. Learn about cutting-edge discoveries that will benefit your business …Read More

Displaying results 61-70 of 114