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Cascade Hops: Quality and Consistency from Field to Brewery

The development, high-quality and consistency of aroma and flavor imparted by hops are critical aspects of brewing high quality beer. Two global experts on hops pathology and chemistry will take turns discussing current knowledge and recent advances in our understanding …Read More


Evolution of a New Hop Pellet Type for More Efficient Dry Hopping

Effective dry hopping depends on the quality of the hops used as well as the pelleting process and what occurs during storage and dry hopping. We will discuss lessons learned about hop pellet attributes that improve dry hopping efficiency, and …Read More


Sustainability on the Hop Farm

Understanding the state of the hop market and the implications of growing and sourcing sustainably produced hops is an important part of sustainability for breweries. A panel of experts will discuss these issues. Read More


Understanding How to Control Flavor and Aroma Consistency in Dry Hopped Beer

Craft brewers find success in using dry hopping to create aromatic and flavorful hop-forward beers. This presentation shares results from several studies in the Shellhammer lab at Oregon State University that examined dry hopping and the factors that affect aroma …Read More


Economics of Raw Materials

The panel discusses the underlying economic factors that impact future availability and pricing of malt, hops, glass and paper. Read More


Launching Three New USA Hop Varieties

This tasting seminar launches three new U.S. hop varieties that debuted in 2013, two released by Washington State University and one released by USDA-ARS. Read More


Sustainability on the Farm

We all rely on high quality hops and barley to make our delicious brews, but what goes into growing those crops? What inputs are required to grow essential ingredients? Learn about the hurdles and successes faced by hop and barley …Read More


How To Secure Raw Materials and Ingredients

As more brewies enter the market, they may need to compete for limited raw materials. This presentation gives brewery start-ups the information needed to secure raw materials. Read More


Brew Local! Supporting Local Economies, Farms

Local” and “sustainable” are no longer trendsÑthey are societal shifts. Beer plays an increasingly important role in this evolution. This team will discuss these agents of change Read More

Displaying results 31-40 of 46