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Discovering Diacetyl

Zach, Victory Brewing Company’s quality lab technician, discusses the basics of diacetyl production and the key factors contributing to its formation during fermentation. Learn various methods of diacetyl detection, from practical sensory evaluation to more scientific instruments for inspection. Lastly, …Read More


Cask Ale – Keeping it Real on the Street

Cask ale is often regarded as one of the best example of the brewers art and craft. Quite often, however, it is a challenge to consistently deliver the quality and integrity this product requires at point-of-purchase. This seminar will provides …Read More


A Comprehensive Look at Sour Ale Production

A discussion of all things sour. The brewers of some well-known American sour ales will discuss the do’s and don’ts of brewing sour beer. Read More


Understanding Yeast Flocculation

Yeast can be a mysterious and difficult piece of the brewing puzzle. One of the most problematic aspects of working with yeast is maintaining good flocculation after fermentation, whether it’s getting lager yeast to settle out completely or getting wheat …Read More


Sake and Beer Hybrids: Techniques and Approaches

As craft brewers worldwide seek new experimental pathways to creative expression, they are finding the study and practice of other traditional fermented beverages an enlightening pursuit. Kjetil Jikiun, Will Meyers and Todd Bellomy have professional experience in sake brewing as …Read More

Displaying results 51-58 of 58