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Industry Updates

Encouraging Staff and Customer Social Distancing Compliance

Sarah Billiu provides tips for front of house staff and customers to assist in their journey toward and understanding of socially responsible behavior.Read More

Industry Updates

PPP Flexibility Act Passes the House

The bill addresses many concerns that the Brewers Association and our members have with the Payroll Protection Program loan forgiveness requirements.Read More

Insights & Analysis

Breweries Slightly More Optimistic, But Challenges Remain

The BA's third COVID-19 impact survey was targeted at probing what has helped and hurt breweries and how their outlook has changed over the past month.Read More

Industry Updates

Safely Reopening Brewing Operations

This resource by the Safety Subcommittee will help brewers address the operational challenges of restarting with worker and equipment safety front of mind.Read More

The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Brewing in a Time of Pandemic

Many craft brewers have turned their focus toward maximizing their options through all available avenues including to-go beer and food, and a familiar focus on community.

Industry Review Issue

For the May/June 2020 The New Brewer, we provide both a current look at the ways the pandemic has affected craft breweries and a look back at 2019.Read More

This issue is brought to you by Atlas Copco

2020 TTB Bootcamp Introduction

This introductory session kicks off the TTB’s 2020 four-part bootcamp for brewers, a series designed to give both new and established brewers explanations, tips, and reminders on how to stay compliant with TTB regulations. This session covers three topics: An overview …Read More

Insights & Analysis

The On-Premise Is Reopening. Now What?

On-premise business is beginning to reopen. This post explores some of the new data points showing what things might look like over the next few months.Read More

Safety Bootcamp Part 3: Heat and Pressure Hazards, Confined Spaces and Lockout/Tagout, and Operating During COVID-19

The Brewers Association Safety Bootcamp is designed for brewers, cellar workers, packagers, managers, and owners. This bootcamp is focused on identifying and reducing hazards in the brewery. In this session, our final installment, a hand-picked team of brewing industry safety …Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 62