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Sustainability Benchmarking Results and Insights

Results and insights from the Brewers Association’s sustainability benchmarking project will be summarized and presented. A preliminary look at 2015 data will be reviewed along with a request for additional member participation. Potential expansion of the benchmarking KPIs will be …Read More

Using Hops More Efficiently: Grower and Brewer Perspectives

Craft brewer demand for hops is pushing the U.S. hop industry beyond its capacity. Land and infrastructure for additional hop production are very capital-intensive and time-consuming to develop. With these constraints in mind, how can the craft brewing and hop …Read More

Sustainability Benchmarking

The BA sustainability subcommittee initiated the benchmarking of key performance indicators for utility usage and cost, and the initial results were presented at CBC 2014. This seminar presents the results of an expanded benchmarking dataset that includes a larger number …Read More

Sustainability on the Hop Farm

Understanding the state of the hop market and the implications of growing and sourcing sustainably produced hops is an important part of sustainability for breweries. A panel of experts will discuss these issues. Read More

Wastewater Panel

Despite significant improvement over the last 20 years, water consumption and wastewater disposal remain environmental and economic hurdles that directly affect breweries and the brewing process. In this seminar a panel of experts will provide information on wastewater solutions for …Read More

Build a Culture Around Sustainability

Every brewery’s first steps on the journey towards sustainability start with the efforts of individual staff members. Learn how industry leaders in brewery sustainable practices enlighten and motivate their employees to exercise values that will ensure a bright future for …Read More

Getting the Most Brewery for Your Buck

When building a brewery in a brewpub, there are a lot of decisions to be made and pitfalls to avoid. Brian walks you through the design, purchase and installation of a production-ready brewpub brewery with a $250,000 budget. Read More

Promoting the Positive

Economic benefits, job creation, sustainability, charity, community involvement, health benefits, specific occasions and intangibles like food pairings and the simple enjoyment of life–your customers should know about beer’s postive aspects. This presentation gives you tools to promote all the good …Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 47

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