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Utah Sampling Law Fails to Pass Committee

Failing to pass committee, House Bill 253 sought to allow breweries, wineries and distilleries to offer samples to customers on the facility premises.

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Utah Bill Would Make Powdered Alcohol Illegal

Passed by both legislative chambers, House Bill 48 makes it unlawful for a person to use, offer for use, purchase, offer to purchase, sell, offer to sell, furnish, or possess powdered alcohol for human consumption.

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Bill Would Increase ABV Limit for Ohio Breweries

House Bill 68 would allow beer manufacturers to produce beer containing not more than 21% alcohol by volume and prohibit the inclusion of caffeine or other stimulants in beer containing more than 12% alcohol by …More

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NM Bill Would Allow Alternating Proprietorships

S.B. 471 would allow alternating proprietorships to be established so that manufacturing facilities and equipment of a small brewer licensee may be used by another small brewer licensee to produce beer.

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Growler Bill Passes House in NM

Passing the House, House Bill 243, among other provisions, clarifies that small brewers may fill growlers for sale for off-site consumption, allows craft distillers and small brewers to have three offsite premises, just as winegrowers …More

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New Mexico Bill Extends Off-Premise Locations

Amended House Bill 339 allows craft distiller and small brewer’s licensees to operate three off-premise locations. Currently, craft distiller and small brewer’s licensees are limited to two off-premise locations but winegrower licensees are allowed three …More

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