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Maine Bill Changes Brewery Off-Premise Sales

Senate Bill 349 removes the requirement that beer dispensed by a brewery at its on-premises 30 location for off-premises consumption be in bottles with labels unique to the brewery.

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Iowa Bill Would Make Powdered Alcohol Sale Illegal

Senate Bill 123 would prohibit a person or club holding a liquor control license or retail wine or beer permit, or their agents or employees, from selling, giving, possessing, or supplying for human consumption powdered …More

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Connecticut Bill Would Allow Cider Tastings

House Bill 5033 would allow the holder of a manufacturer permit for cider to offer tastings, on the premises of the permittee, of free samples of cider and apple wine manufactured on the premises.

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Arizona Bill Seeks to Raise Production Limit

Amended before passing the Senate, Senate Bill 1030 increases the maximum production limit for a microbrewery from 40,000 barrels per location to 200,000 barrels in aggregate; requires a microbrewery that exceeds the calendar year limit …More

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Pennsylvania Distribution Case Decided

An appeals court has found in favor of MillerCoors in a suit involving a contract dispute with Pennsylvania distributor Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Co. At issue was whether MillerCoors had contravened Pennsylvania law in assigning …More

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