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Distribution Agreements Subject of OK Bill

Senate Bill 945 prohibits any beer distribution agreement with a manufacturer, brewer, or importer of beer from requiring wholesalers to submit certain records, mandate hiring decisions, contribute to marketing, attribute risk of loss to a wholesaler, invoice or initiate electronic …Read More

Off-Site Sales Proposal Intro’d in RI

H.B. 5324 seeks to increase the amount of malt beverages that a manufacturer can sell for offsite consumption from 24 twelve-ounce and 24 sixteen-ounce (16 oz.) bottles or cans to 55 twelve-ounce (12 oz.) and 41 sixteen-ounce (16 oz.) bottles …Read More

OR Bill Seeks to Lower BAC Level

House Bill 3132 provides that a person commits the offense of driving while under influence of intoxicants if that person drives a vehicle and has 0.05 percent or more by weight of alcohol in their blood. Read More

Multi-Provisioned Bill on WY Governor’s Desk

Passed by the legislature, House Bill 13 clarifies that businesses with a retail liquor licencee, microbrewery permit, winery permit, winery satellite permit or a manufacturer licencee with a satellite location are able to “deliver or contract to have delivered alcoholic …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 2197