New Jersey Craft Alcohol Producer Bill Sees Action

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Substituted in committee, A.B. 4630 would allow craft alcoholic beverage manufacturers (defined as a limited brewery license, cidery and meadery license, and craft distillery license holder) to hold an unlimited number of off-premises special events, on-premises special events, and private parties; to hold not more than 25 social affair events hosted by the holder of a social affair permit; to offer for sale or make the gratuitous offering of de minimis food items including, but not limited to, packaged crackers, chips, nuts, and similar snacks to consumers; to sell non-alcoholic beverages; coordinate with a food vendor, including food trucks and restaurants, for the provision of food on the licensed premises and provide menus to consumers for the sale of food; to deliver the licensee’s products directly to the residence of a consumer within New Jersey who is 21 years of age or older in original containers for personal consumption and not for resale. By means of a third party delivery service or in a vehicle owned, operated, or otherwise used in connection with the licensed premises; to show or display any televised program on televisions or other screening devices of any number or size on the licensed premises; to sell beverages for on-site consumption without having to give a tour; and to allow holders of restricted brewery licenses to manufacture 300,000 barrels/year (currently 10,000 barrels/year) and to sell and distribute beer to retailers.