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California Tied House Challenge Back Under Review

The previously decided Retail Digital Network (RDN) case, involving the ability of a third-party business to provide advertising paid for by suppliers or distributors to retailers, in which the court upheld a prohibition on such …More

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Michigan Looks to Expand Growler Privileges

Passing the Senate, S.B. 973 would amend the Michigan Liquor Control Code to expand the kinds of businesses that are legally allowed to fill beer growlers. Specifically, it would allow a person holding both a …More

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MI Bill Addresses Internet Sales to Consumers

Following Senate passage, a House committee has approved a substitute bill for Senate Bill 1088 which addresses issues relating to retailers to use third party services via internet or mobile application to facilitate the sale …More

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Congress Urges Increased Funding for Hops Research

The Congressional House Small Brewers Caucus, working in conjunction with the Brewers Association and other industry trade groups, has sent a letter to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requesting USDA boost …More

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More Legal Challenges for Craft Brewers Guild

Importer Shelton Brothers has filed suit in Massachusetts against distributor Craft Brewers Guild (CBG) seeking to recover the value of lost sales due to pay-to-play activities over which CBG has been fined by both the …More

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Texas Crowler Ruling Favors Retailers

An administrative judge has ruled that Cuvee Coffee Bar didn’t violate Texas alcohol code in 2015 when it filled crowlers on its business premises. At the time, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission confiscated the …More

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