Increasing Your Employee Value Proposition Without Spending Extra Money

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Finding and keeping valuable employees can be a challenge, especially in a tight labor market. At the beginning of 2023, there were twice as many open positions as there were unemployed individuals to fill them.[1] The brewing industry may face additional challenges when sales are down and budgets are tight. At a time when everything costs more for both companies and employees, the organization’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) becomes significantly more important. Your Brewers Association (BA) membership benefits can directly increase your EVP at no extra cost!

Often times, when organizations think about their EVP—anything of value that they offer their employees—they assume it means additional dollars spent on benefits. However, an EVP can include perks such as access to educational content, industry research, foundational training programs, or resources to support the team.

In a 2021 survey of more than 15,000 employees, Gallup found that 48% of workers would take a new position if it meant access to skills training, and 65% said that employer-provided training and education is an important factor in job evaluation.[2] An employee’s desire to learn additional skills related to their role, or other roles in the company, creates an obvious benefit to the organization as well. Highly skilled and motivated employees require less oversight and are able to complete tasks more efficiently and safely. Luckily, not all learning opportunities require additional investment and off-site training.

BA members have access to a wealth of resources, educational materials, and business tools. All of which are built into their membership and available to every employee at your company. Whether you have employees that are interested in learning about Off Flavor Management, managers that need guidance on Responding to Harassment, or administrators that need to update the company handbook, the BA website is loaded with content on countless topics that can increase employee knowledge and add to your EVP.

Access to benefits can be made available to every member of your team at no additional charge, and setting up individual accounts for your employees is quick and easy. Visit our Managing Your Company Rosters page for more information.

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