Employee Handbooks and Hiring for Breweries

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I am frequently asked about hiring, competitive benefits for staff, and creating employee handbooks during my discussions with Brewers Association (BA) members.

It’s important for every business to dial in their hiring and onboarding processes, in addition to clearly communicating the standards and expectations set for employees. This will make it easier to set and manage those expectations in a consistent manner. Likewise, offering competitive benefits and value to employees can improve retention and encourage growth.

The resources in this playlist can help you build and refresh the core components needed to hire, train, and manage people at your brewery.

  • Human Resources Table of Contents: This BA resource provides a top-down view of key human resources (HR) procedures, whether your have a dedicated HR person or hold HR responsibilities within the scope of several other roles at the brewery. The downloadable checklist includes segments on Recruiting & Hiring, Policy & Employee Handbook Maintenance, Training & Development, and tons more!
  • Hiring Process Tool-Kit: This downloadable PDF guide can help your company navigate and update the hiring process. This resource includes a hiring process checklist, a sample job description, orientation checklists, and a list of resources you can navigate to via QR code!
  • Zywave – Employee Handbook Checklist: This interactive checklist includes nearly 100 topics and policies that a thorough employee handbook may contain. Additionally, each item on the list notes whether the policy needs to be altered by the employer and/or checked against state-specific requirements.
  • Handbooks Policies Templates: Looking for some plug-and-play assets to get your employee handbook rolling? Check out the BA templates for On-Premise Alcohol Consumption and Dress and Grooming standards.
  • Zywave – Hiring and Onboarding Tools: The BA’s own Holly Haslam covers specific tools available to members via our Zywave partnership. That’s an entire database of resources to hone your hiring and onboarding procedures, and it’s FREE with your BA membership.
  • Salary & Benefits Benchmarking – Looking to compare your salary and benefit offerings to companies of a similar size? Look no further than the BA’s benchmarking survey data.

Additional resources to explore:

  • The Human Resources Guide for Small Breweries – This Brewers Publications title covers staff development, leadership training, and crafting the company culture you want with the resources at your disposal.
  • myHRcounsel Access – BA members get $50 off monthly memberships to myHRcounsel, which offers HR resources, legal advice, templates, and more.
  • HR Third Party Resources – A list of resources and partnerships to help you manage your brewery’s HR program and support your staff.