Bart Whipple Joins the Brewers Association Supply Chain Subcommittee

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Bart Whipple of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is the newest member of the Brewers Association (BA) Supply Chain Subcommittee.

Bart began his career in the brewing industry with Sierra Nevada in 1985. Throughout his 36 years with Sierra Nevada, he has held a variety of roles, including local sales, packaging, quality lab, and brewing. After spending 30 years in positions ranging from production brewer to brewing manager with ingredient procurement responsibilities, he transitioned into compliance, and finally into his current Supply Chain Manager role in Sierra Nevada’s recently created Supply Chain Department.

“I have been keenly interested in brewing raw materials and other ingredients since I became part of the procurement team in the earlier days of Sierra Nevada,” Whipple said. “I hope to learn more from and share any insights with others in the brewing community.”

Whipple follows Sierra Nevada’s Tom Nielsen, former BA Supply Chain Subcommittee member. Nielsen’s contributions to the subcommittee and the brewing community at large deserve a big shout out (Thank you, Tom!).

The BA Supply Chain Subcommittee plays a critical role in the craft beer community.

The purpose of the Supply Chain Subcommittee is:

  • To ensure access to an adequate supply of ingredients and supplies that meet the unique quality needs of craft brewers today and in the future, thereby promoting and protecting American craft brewers, their beer brands, and the community of brewing enthusiasts;
  • To inform and execute the strategic and research priorities of the Technical Committee and BA Board of Directors with regard to access to hop, malt, water, yeast, and other ingredients and supplies that meet craft brewer quality and quantity needs; and
  • To ensure brewers have adequate knowledge and resources to safely and effectively source and evaluate traditional and unique ingredients and supplies for their beers.
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