Hop Grower Code List Updated

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Hop Grower Codes ensure traceability throughout the hop supply chain and create opportunities for brewers to connect directly with hop growers in their state or region. The Brewers Association (BA) works with the Hop Growers of America (HGA) to provide a current list of hop grower codes. This list has recently been updated.

Brewers can benefit from being familiar with the hop grower number and lot information delivered with their hop shipments. Many dealers post detailed lot information online as searchable or scannable data, which may include information about individual fields, spray records, certificates of analysis, oil content, etc. The appropriate state hop grower commission, your hop dealer, or your hop grower can explain how to read the hop lot codes on a particular hop bale or box. This concept allows both brewers and growers to benefit from the terroir value of the hops used in order for brewers to continue making the world’s greatest beers.

The Hop Grower Codes list also includes a list of common hop variety codes. The BA only lists hop growers with hop grower numbers. The BA updates the list on an annual basis and encourages hop growers to obtain a grower number through HGA. Obtaining a grower number is a free service.